About us

We have been operating continuously since 1952r, we are a manufacturer of tyres for passenger cars, vans, sports cars and SUVs, in a range of sizes and designs, both summer and winter. We sell remanufactured tire brand ECOOPONY. We serve our clients efficiently and quickly, and for our services we charge reasonable prices. We offer expert advice and reliability is the result of over 60 years in the automotive industry.

ekologia ecoopony

Our mission is to:                                                   

mision ecoopony

In 2010 we launched our first online store, gaining further experience and extending the area of operation. As a manufacturer we are committed to the goods offered by us was of the highest quality and meets the high requirements of the clients.

Production of our tires takes place on a specially-picked casings. From the rear to the footer, all tire covered by is a new layer of rubber.

* tire may not be older than 3 years
* the tire may not be damaged,
* the tire may be subjected to retreading only once,
* treaded tires are only verified, known producers

Difficult to dispose of the wheel must be back on landfill. We give them a second " life'' about the quality of some of the parameters being slightly new tyres. Our wheels are not the price competition among similar products.



This is supported by the international approval of no E20 108R-00406 and approval of no E20 109R-000406 released by the Ministry of infrastructure, as well as certificates of conformity confirming the compliance of the UNECE retreading services


We invite you to familiarize with the offer of our company listed on the following pages.  Our tyres completely meet the European standard of performance and safety.